How to build plans for the New Year

Nearing the time to take stock and make New Year's Resolutions: making resolutions for the next year and to make plans. Which, as you know from experience won't work.

What happens when you give yourself a new year's resolution?

"Drink more water", "walk", "chat with friends", "Jogging" and what else happens?

In the first week of January you bail on them, yeah? After all, the holidays. And then you forget about them.

At best, I remember somewhere in the fall and then begin to be tormented by feelings of shame, Which Year can't seem to pull Myself together and all that. So?

I perform in the worst case 90% of the planned and nabemono and tell you how I do it.


... Nearing the time to take stock and make New Year's Resolutions: making resolutions for the next year and to make plans.



So, why are not achieved objectives:

1.You didn't want initially.

There are a whole bunch what they want, otherwise you are the sucker.

"Sports", "environment", "call mom every day." Umm, no thank you.

Don't copy other people's lists, it is not necessary to strive for a beautiful 10 or 25 plans for the coming year, let's see what is important to you right now.

2.Circumstances have changed, or you Wanted to, but got Sick.

You so perfectly planned each month during the holidays — travel, then for April, March and may — make a lot of money, again this may travel to pursue three new sports... here you are asked to vacate the rented apartment, for example. Or reduced. And uuups — not to pricey travel plans fall apart, the guilt growing stronger.

So try to choose something that will be true until next winter, regardless of the circumstances.

3. You wanted something like "feel a lot of joy" or "stop thinking about That Goat."


It does not happen. Remember, how to set goals:

the affirmative wording (instead of "I want to stop watching TV" you need to write what you are going to do in free time) you control the execution (instead of "want to marry", which you do not control, because the other person's feelings and his desire to combine a life beyond you, alas, "every Saturday a romantic date with my man"), the measurability of implementation (instead of "I want to learn to play the guitar" "I learned 50 songs, able to take the bar and feel confidence when in the company asking me to play")end date or frequency of the process (instead of "yoga" — "yoga three times a week for half an hour in the morning"; instead of "save money" — "by December 2016 in the Bank is XXX rubles")Is the required minimum, you can Google SMART or any other. Someone recommends to formulate goals in the perfect and present tense, e.g. "I did," "I have."

However, at this stage, to define specific goals yet.


DO 1. First, it is necessary to identify important areas of life

My favorite exercise for this is the Balance Wheel.

You need to choose 4-8 of the most important aspects of life. Those areas, without which your life will not be complete. The network has blanks, like these:


But it is better not to use it, and make up their. For example, I do not understand what Finance careers are different from most people, and the glory I was once at all on the side.

Try to combine or split the sphere, so they still were not less than four (or very sad) or more than eight (otherwise it is very difficult and will tear you up)

A moment of exhibitionism, my wheel:


In every sphere it is necessary to paint about their level of satisfaction with the quality and quantity of the severity of this sphere in your life. For example, I am happy — good as hell, paint everything. And new with me lately is not enough, for example, I painted half of the division.

Will turn out like this:

Spirituality, Holy mother! How are they tracking? "This month, I became more enlightened on two points"...

This place showdown in itself, we see that the wheel is not at all like the wheel and start to cry bitter tears.

Having cried, again take up the pen and begin to fix it.

The outside of the wheel I wrote a very common items that I need to do to be happy.

And you write.

Option B: write only those that you still don't, but I'm going (I'm a vitamin drink, then they can no longer write)

Option: write only one paragraph, it is also the nearest step.


DO 2. Analyze The Wheel

I choose 3-4 areas that require attention in the coming year. Usually those are the areas that SAG :)

If it turned out that the satisfaction from a career and so you have to the maximum, ignore her, let supported in the background walking to work. If health is not a concern then don't have to start drinking gallons of water, or buy new Jogging sneakers.

Select what you most care about and don't go through everything that could possibly be done for the year, leave yourself a place to live, surprises and amended the plans.

For example, the floating region is family, health and personal growth.


DO 3. Still set one goal for each area of the Wheel

For example:

work: earn XXX to the end of GoDaddy: two journeys into o getprotocol, spirituality: fasting, raspisaniya goals should not be hard for you, and you would have them both executed.

To record them, so you can see that, concentrating on three areas of sagging, you don't throw the rest.


DO 4. Set a few goals for the sagging region of the Wheel.

For example:


has to call her mother again in niederuzwil grandmother twice ridelust with his sister every two weeks, with my mom drinking tea and talking to Rivieres in two weeks to go with a man somewhere in the cultural lifeHealth

be examined to stomatologists have to chirurgical long to brandicourt as closely as possible to the perfect vitaminhot to the gym three times nudelittle so, and soPersonal growth

go on Coursera or three courses (this for work, this hobby, this just interesting)to read 30 to knihkupectvi reviews on any books to put in blogpagetitle 4 training (two for work, two interest)these are our goals for the year. Nothing more. All the most important.


DO 5. And then, as you prefer.

If you are a maniac of the organization, you can assign targets at times of the year to make the hundred-day's rest (three — wheel- 3 stodnevki per year), add additional small plans, the list of "must-do in summer, autumn, winter and spring", to fit advance preparations for the birthdays of friends and other stuff.

If you prefer to leave yourself a little more freedom, you can try to do as I plan for the next two months.

I put 10 goals (sometimes a little more) with an internal resolution not to perform any two (and therefore a little more) :)

I divide them into three sections — operating, resource and external.

Used to be — the working, development and attitude.

It was still working, healthy, spiritual.

Accordingly, each Chapter has three objectives, plus one, which is the coolest event in these two months. It is not impossible to perform, and it turns out that I have 60 days, there was nothing really big.

Goals are prepared again based on the areas of the wheel :)

For example, here are my goals for January and February:


— To postpone 150,000 in the Bank

— Write reviews in the Voice of Omar until the end of may

— To make students the first part of the test works in may


— 4 trips to the cottage on 2 days off the phone

4, a trip to the doctor X

— Exercise every day, half an hour back


Won't tell :)

The main thing for January

— Birthday celebration


1. Define what in our life is important

2. Determined that this important work by itself

3. Supported working mode potiranie

4. Define how to start sagging

5. Forward!



Author: Manya Borzenko


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©



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