Want, but not with you...

When I was seventeen, a married man told a sad story, what with wives they all bad was the stuff of life, sex with wife tired, and she all the time "headache."

I am with them still not started Dating, because for me is very uncomfortable, if a person someone else is, but…

But then I became a psychologist-counselor, and this knowledge brought me a lot of grief: it turns out that many married women want sex. Just not with their husbands. This does not mean that they are cheating on them. This is just one option when form meet the need so that it is easier from it completely abandoned.

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And — if you walk away from the topic of sex is generally one of the formats manifestations of passive aggression to say "don't want", although really "Want, but not with you."

And sometimes it's very painful to admit: "I want to go to a movie — just not with this friend", "I want to go on vacation, but without children," "I want to come to mom's for the weekend, but not to the mother."

And at the end of the relationship is an important period to recognize that much is not happening, because I sabotaged these events because I want to, but not so.

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And even if the partner, a friend, a parent begins to make something from it — like — asked — it is rather scary than happy, because the second person will be waiting for gratitude, and to thank him would be difficult because — of course — want to vacation, sex, pancake breakfasts, walks together, cinema and the ring as a gift. But not with this man.

Recognition of this separation is an important stage, without which you can get to the opposite: not "I want other relationship" and "I don't want to."published 

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