Don't you dare be Less than you Can be

Listen to me. Right now.

You are not too much. You never had much. You will never be a lot.
This idea is absurd. Because you were born to be yourself. All of us. Without the slightest exception.

All of you came into this world to be the throbbing-bleeding-love-crying-sentient creatures.

Fifteen million one hundred nineteen thousand four hundred eleven

And if someone tells you that you are too, here's the only truth you need to remember probable that these people are not now, never in my life will not be sufficient for you.

Because you, my girl, you are the sun and moon, and stars. You're the force that controls the high and low tide. You're unrestrained howl under the full moon. You are the essence of ecstatic dance. You heat and sex and sweat and fire, and softness and courage, and bliss and the ocean of tears.


You — in all.
You are the mother of all of us and daughter of the universe.
You pass through shadows and light.
You burn and are reborn again, with your hand on the pulse of the world.
You make the gods tremble.


And that, my dear, is the boundary that you cross, and many people become insanely uncomfortable. This causes them to jump out and push you away. Because that's how you dance with your shadow, and your unwavering acceptance of their brightness causes them to come into contact with an extraordinary space that delights and terrifies them at the same time. Your mere existence makes them step into a place that they are not ready to see.

Because the depths of the ocean calling you home, you're never going to be easy.

But you appeared not to be easy. You're here for so much more.

Because you're breaking boundaries.
You're a seeker of the truth.
You're a temptation, and temptation, and fever.
You are the mirror and the witch, and inside the vortex of power of years.
So, no, you is not easy.


But in all this the truth, please don't think you deserve deep inner ease. Don't give them a minute to convince you that you will never find a lover who will not require you to be in front of him were justified, underplayed himself, calmed the storm inside himself or suppress his extravagant love.

Because that, my girl, is complete nonsense.

Somewhere there is a love that never thought to call you too. Which expresses itself in the same way as you, in verse, in the wax from the candles and the star dust. Which is exactly the same runs at night to howl at the moon who gathers the bones and sings the mantra and talking with the ancestors. And this love, when you find him or her — will see you and recognize you for who you are and what should be. And they will say Yes. Yes, you. Yes, I'll come with you. I was waiting for this.

But until that happens, I want you to do it. For me and for every woman who believes that she is too.

Twenty eight million nine hundred eight thousand one hundred twenty seven

Take what you have too much and canonizing it. Collect all of your embers are too large broken heart and light the flame. And this action you call others and you will sing a song that will return us all home.

And then you go in the world all the infinite and perfect, then you have too much. And you're going and I love too much and cry too much and swear too much. Fall in love too fast and sad too often and laugh too loudly and itself determine the exact conditions necessary for your own existence.

Don't even think about living differently.

Because we need you. Each of us, male or female, who consider themselves too. You're our reminder in the most difficult moments that we are what should be.

Each of us.published  


Author: Janet LeBlanc


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