9 elements of men's fashion, women are just crazy

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A real man can say it without words. How? Of course, their appearance. Clothes, or rather, some elements of style and your taste will help to the recognition of women before the start of the conversation.

The website will show you the main details of men's fashion, women just loved it.

Quality shoes

Shoes are a crucial part of the image that says a lot about a person. Girls know that it must be of high quality, landscaped and combined with the clothing. Therefore, always pay attention to her.

Henley t-shirt

Style t shirt "Henley" is the selected item of clothing sex symbols of Hollywood and the world of sports. Attracting women factor is the collar that unzips so easily.

Jeans and white shirt

Jeans and white shirt — simple combo, which, however, gives a brutality that attracts most women.


The holders of such cuts on the jerseys look well groomed and sophisticated for guys and this gloss attracts the eye.

A thin tie and rolled sleeves

The combination of efficiency and freedom, which seems to say: "I'm a busy man, but in my life there is a place not only for work".

Costume, custom-made

A good suit is a classic, and classics, as you know, lives forever. A man dressed in a perfectly tailored suit will always get caught on his view of women.

Elegant small accessories

Leather or textile bracelets are now in Vogue. They give the image of carelessness and romanticism. And girls like that.


The correct headgear for a man, gives uniqueness and apart from the crowd. This attracts women.

A well-groomed appearance

You have to remember that all accessories and other fashionable items of clothing do not matter if the man was not neat and tidy. A neat appearance is always pleasing to the eye, and the female even more.

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