Chanel - elegant classic. "Style of Success" PSYCHOLOGY image.

The word «Chanel» admiration, the legendary French fashion house has become a real perfect example of style.
"Style of Success" PSYCHOLOGY IMAGE
Founder of the famous fashion house «Chanel» and leading French fashion designer Coco Chanel last century (Gabrielle Chanel) was born in 1883 in the small French town of Saumur.

Coco spent her childhood in the monastery.

Severe form of novices and black robes of priests in the future become a source of original ideas for fashion collections. Protesting against the trends of modern fashion, Coco Chanel decided to create his own line of clothing convenient and easy for Parisians.

His career fashion designer Coco Chanel began in 1910, opening in Paris original millinery shop.

After a few years the popularity of hats helped her to improve the financial situation and to create the first in Paris fashion house, which became known worldwide for its innovative models.

Trendy outfits of those years - huge hats and long dresses with fluffy skirts and tight corsets, designer feel uncomfortable and overwhelmed decorative elements.

Coco Chanel decided that casual clothes should be comfortable, simple and elegant, and created its own trend in the fashion world.
According to the decision Coco in female clothes appeared alongside the male element.

Her models were presented a variety of shirts and jackets - these elements male outfits Coco transformed into a comfortable women's casual clothes.

She made fashion pants, but always recommended to clients its only wear skirts and dresses that give any woman femininity and sophistication.
In Chanel boutiques offer direct skirts, form-fitting jackets, loose sweater, black dress of tulle, lavishly decorated with semi-precious stones, as well as exhibited stylish combination of dresses and coats in pastel shades.

Parisian gladly wore stylish and original outfits and Coco continued to create new masterpieces of fashion and bring to perfection every decorative element of their models.

In 1921, the designer has created a scent, known all over the world - «Chanel № 5" - women's perfumes with complex odor mnogokompanentnym.
Coco Chanel - one of the most popular figures in the fashion world of the 20th century. Its innovative ideas still influence modern fashion - the little black dress and fitted jacket like women all over the world.
Black dress, invented by Coco Chanel in 1926, was a revolution in the fashion world.

It is a versatile and popular outfit for work or publication. The classic version of this dress - the lack of decorative elements dress, knee-length, round neckline and long sleeves.
This dress could afford Parisienne even the most modest earnings.

When creating any collection Coco strictly maintain the basic line of his style - simplicity and austerity silhouettes, styles, hide flaws and emphasize the rounded shape of the female figure.
Flounces, catchy trim and other decorative items in its collections have been replaced with minimum decoration.

Fashion image of a woman from Coco Chanel - look great in any situation, regardless of age and external data.

A woman in a form-fitting dress from Coco Chanel delights of others - it is elegant and does not doubt in his appeal.

Since 1950 Chanel - Hollywood fashion designer, creating outfits for American stars - from Marilyn Monroe to Elizabeth Taylor.
In 1955, Coco returned to the world of fashion and again surprised surrounding his new invention convenient - Women's handbag rectangular shape on a thin chain.
At the shows were presented updated classic models of trousers, skirts, coats, dresses and famous tweed Chanel suit - with a narrow skirt, buttons and patch pockets.

Her collection - the embodiment of classic, elegant worn to this day the most famous women of the world.

Her return to the world of fashion can not be called a triumph - it did not provide new models, but only to update the old styles of dresses, but her elegant dress again became hits in modern fashionistas.

Designer handbags, jewelry and shoes from Chanel started bringing huge profits and fashion house Coco has become one of the largest in Europe.

Today costume from Coco Chanel takes pride of place in the wardrobe of the modern woman and symbolizes high status and good taste.

To old age Chanel was full of energy and continues to create collections of stylish and glamorous clothes - with her words styles models came to her in a dream.

Until his death, the work was for her the meaning of life.

In 87 years, Coco Chanel died of a heart attack in her wardrobe and found only three attire.

After her death, the popular House of Fashion «Chanel» headed by the famous designer Karl Lagerfeld, who currently continues to create elegant fashions in the style of Coco Chanel: a light fabric and simple cut.


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