We are WHAT we say

People talk dry, not saturating anything life-giving broadcasting. Nibble words, like sunflower seeds. Such an amazing creation as it is used today to... hide. To hide from yourself, hide from the internal attitude, from its silence, from experiences, from the incomprehensible, subtle, intuitive yourself what we really are and from responsibility for his life.

Listen, about what people speak around each other on the phone, in chat rooms, the Internet... about anything. Or complain. Or judged. Yes, discuss, weaving the appendage of their judgments in the transmitted information, osmakova and chewing the chewed. Rude? Possible.

But somehow this "rudeness" with us, not curasi emptiness and stupidity of his stay in our lives, clogging the ether of the imaginary significance, and disorienting us in the space of true values, sincere feelings, the inner needs and spiritual aspirations.

We exchanged yourself, your life, priceless force for small coin puny chatter about nothing. And most importantly, important, meaningful — often left unspoken cowardly.

Each of us in life there were moments of "phase zero". When for a split second we froze, unconsciously directing his gaze at one point. Many people say in such moments "to stare", "to think", "hang", etc. But at this moment, there is no thought, feeling, impulse, brain, nothing registers, not "broadcasting". We just freeze for a split second. We "reloaded".

It takes a few moments, and then violent, stupid, vain flow once again breaks into our lives. You mentioned ever the first few seconds after exit from this phase? This is the border, the absolutely true state of inner peace.

The state in which we cannot by any contemporary efforts to introduce himself, but who sometimes unconsciously yearn. And our wise system, and one with all the intangible parts of ourselves, our emotions and unconscious impulses just at some point realizes that the magic audience.

And note that in these moments we have no need of anything, and especially in "talk." So why deliberately do not enter at least for the beginning moments of "inner peace"? Just shut up for some quality time? Enabling his mental and moral resources to reboot to break out of the aggressive flow of contaminated air... Begin to breathe deeper.

Have you ever noticed that in moments of deep breaths or breath no thoughts? This process stops. Try. Can combine, if you can't stop the activity of mind. But let your life will minutes of "inner peace". It's like unloading the mental diet.

And then you can take the next step — to introduce a rule emotional purity. That is, to veto empty talk, a permanent negative, "podnikanie" and meaningless content of the speech. It may seem at first that then I have nothing to say. And partly you would be right. Because you will need time to adjust to change the perception and priorities of elected accents, to switch the switch in your head, to deliberately leave the area of the clogged space of the dwelling of your thoughts, words and feelings, to break out of the stagnant backwater where you lived and made to live, making it your life and your air.

You have been listening, what say you? Contrary to popular belief that we are our thoughts, I want to assure you that our thoughts are profoundly shaped WHAT we speak and HOW we speak. For thought, not having a chance to be revealed very soon fades and withers in its insistence. And the fact is that every thought is a priori determines the degree of its "made of" freedom as the extent of its "fullness".

As soon as we begin to speak differently, we begin to think differently. Not a single, but in the system that gives sustainable results. The problem is that many of the ideas we fattened up to a haunting, itchy, annoying, ossified and immobilized postulates that fueled and supported by his speeches, not even trying to admit that everything we have created only we can change.

And if you can't change your thoughts, change your speech, WHAT you say and HOW. How many people do you know whose words with deeds? How much do you know people who are able to invest in their own words the meaning which they possess, to keep promises and not to mince words, as cahcim cookies and scattered the crumbs which then someone else has to clean them? How many people do you know on the opinions and words which you can rely and not be afraid that in a week or two, month or two they will dissolve as dawn haze with the arrival of Sunny days? How many people do you know who won't adjust their opinion and words at best and volatile circumstances, who will not "cut my conscience according to the fashion of the season"?

Usually, such people and thoughts are well structured. But one of the paradoxes of human nature is that lacking in such people in their environment, they judge and dislike more than others, they are annoying because show our own inability to be consistent in their words and deeds. Although such people do not judge, do not participate in gossipy circles of friendship and collective against someone, not complaining and not whining.

A few years ago on an American site, I read an article about a Catholic priest by the name of will Bowen and his book "the World without complaint". Now many on the Internet it is written as his method, which is called "Purple bracelet" and something reminiscent of the ancient Buddhist techniques.

For some people this may be the best solution that can change their life in a better quality and constructive way. Because willingly share with those who have not heard, did not know, did not try.

The method is very simple, but almost never feasible with the "first approach". Will Bowen for many years the Catholic service, after listening to endless number of parishioners came to the conclusion that the majority of confessing and just come for help and advice, to the astonishment of similar problems on which people fixated to such an extent that they are able with equal zeal to celebrate the good that is in their lives. They come again and again talking about the same problems, only sometimes they change the characters.

In 2006, he, unexpectedly, found that knows how to help those people who really want to change for the better in your life. His method is to emotion simple, but not easy to implement in your life, as it turned out. The essence of the ideas of Bowen is reduced to simple, almost every, things. You need to buy or make yourself a bracelet of purple color.

Looking ahead, I can assure you, although the color is symbolic and effective, it does not matter, if your intention is sincere. And yet will Bowen recommends that you wear a purple bracelet on that hand where you are comfortable to wear and... for the 21st day to live without complaints, whining, criticism, condemnation, abuse, negative gossip, no gossip and expressions of discontent.

As soon as you said that he violated the conditions of the experiment, you change the bracelet to the other arm and start counting 21 days first. However, nothing complicated? But only a handful have coped with this task the first time! A method exists for more than six years and is known around the world already.

When Sam Bowen in full readiness and confidence wore on the wrist a small purple silicone bracelet, he was soon quite surprised the extent to which we intercept a large number of litter and unnecessary often, they are unhappy about anything, and especially anyone in our lives.

His experiment has only been successful three months later. According to his own statistics, on average, have persistent successful 21-day result is achieved in 5-6 months.


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In his book "the World without complaint" Bowen writes: "the First week you will daily outweigh bracelet for 10-20 times in a month he will stay on hand for a day or two, the more — the longer. Many people think that they are not complaining and that they definitely positively minded. It's only so long until they start trying to wear a bracelet!"

However, the striking effect of a successful experiment exceeds all expectations. But there are those who throws up at the first "dressing up". The decision for each individual. Is the choice of everyone, — what is content to live his life, to exchange it and who is to blame "in all earthquakes on earth," its unrealized and imaginary failures.

But anyway, our thoughts shape our attitude, and our words as a well-configured indicator that reflect our world. published


Author: Tatiana Baruch


Source: www.slovomiru.com/2013/09/my-to-chto-my-govorim.html


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