Interior design: Variations with purple color

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The color purple is often perceived as elegant, seductive and mysterious. However, for many people it is somewhat alarming, so it is rarely used in the interiors. Meanwhile, variations of purple can look very impressive.

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The color purple is born at the confluence of the exciting red and cool blue, but their qualities are manifested to a much lesser extent. Color blue suppresses the fieriness of red and the red offsets the coldness of blue. Therefore, to avoid the purple color in the interior is completely not worth it. On the contrary, it can strengthen the creative imagination of man, to help him focus and to lighten the mood.

Of course the deep purple walls in the room will look pretty bleak, but everyone can find for himself the most pleasant shade of purple. By the way, shades are purple, violet, and purple, and lavender colors.

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Most often various shades of purple used in the design of the interior of the nursery. For example, purple is a good solution for the room girls. Many girls prefer pink tones, but it's too reminiscent of a house for Barbie dolls. A delicate shade of lilac may be a good alternative to the pink color. The interior work light and feminine, but not too cloying.

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Lilac is a good solution for the room girls.

Baby boy for can also be made in purple tones. However, in this case, you need to give them a brighter addition, for example, a rich orange color.

Purple color can be used in the interior of the bedroom. He, as well as blue, has the ability to soothe and relax. However, an excessive amount of purple can make the bedroom too dark, but in combination with another color it will look very impressive. Shades of purple can be used in creating the interior bedroom in the style of art Deco or country.

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Purple combined with another color will look very effektno living room purple color does not occur too often. As a rule, it can be seen in modern versions of Baroque, Rococo and art Nouveau, where it is combined with gold or silver tones. Since purple is also considered a color of neon, it is used in a modern interior in hi-tech style.

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Designers usually do not recommend using purple in the interior of the kitchen, as it is believed that it can suppress appetite. However, if you choose such shades of purple like eggplant or plum, the room will be very cozy. We should not forget that here, as in the bedroom, purple should be combined with a different color. Looks spectacular and violet kitchen furniture.

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Thus, the purple and its many shades can become a real decoration of the interior. The main thing – do not be afraid to experiment with it.published 




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