A real woman + a real man = real neurosis...

The Internet and social networks are full of enticing titles: "How to become a real woman", "What kind of woman need a real man" etc.

Plant flowers, cook soup, keep the man in all your endeavors – and you will have happiness and a new dress. Bring a mammoth, give gifts, call in time to get married and you will have a tigress in bed, the landlady in the kitchen and the big human happiness in life.

Meet a man with a woman and begin to try on each other template images. And the right would immediately ran away, found a fundamental mismatch. So in fact no, continue to meet, dwelling in illusions. Then come and discover that all is not as they imagined.

And starts the slow destruction of each other. Resentment for what the other does not match the perfect picture. Genuine confidence that a partner is required to try to work on yourself, learn to cook or to make repairs, carry coffee in bed, or contain the rest of your life.

Imagine that you are trying to pull on jeans two sizes too small. You can involve the stomach, as they will not fit. But if it'll fit, then to move them you can not. The same thing happens when you try to be a "real man" or a "real woman".

Yes, you can run to exercise, to diet, to berate yourself for something that does not correspond to, or to freeze all winter without warm pants. And you can just choose a size that will fit.

To build a harmonious relationship, don't need to be a "real woman" or a "real man". It is enough just to be human and to treat another human. Kindness, acceptance and understanding.

Don't try to dazzle others in what you want. Respect it for what it is – soup and without soup, with a mammoth and a mammoth. Be ready to listen and hear. To stay in dialogue even in the most difficult moments.

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Because we are real people, not illustrations for articles on popular psychology.published


Author: Elizabeth Zubov


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