7 unexpected reasons to take the dog to his bed! And so every night...

We all have heard that you cannot bring your dog into the bed. Many believe that the animal brings into the bed of the dirt, which negatively affects human health. About it is legendary for many years. But what if you become aware that this is not quite true?

Bed host for sobakovodstvo several weighty arguments why you should let your four-legged friend in the bed. This moment of tenderness not only has a positive impact on the health of the owner, but also benefits the animal! And who does not want to do anything to a loved dog was happy?

I appeal to all dog lovers who love to snuggle next to a warm, furry pet at the end of a hard day. Continue in the same spirit! This increases the chances of more sound sleep, and we all know that good rest is a guarantee of a productive day.

  1. Dogs bring us calm
    It is unknown whether it is body heat, or rhythmic breathing, but something soothing in dogs is still there. They somehow make your bed even more comfortable!

  2. Dogs help fight insomnia
    Presence of Pets relieves stress, brings a sense of calm and security. They initially set us up for a productive stay!

  3. Soak up with them in bed, you can get rid of stress and anxiety
    As shown, the presence of four-legged pet in the bed is the best remedy for stress. A positive attitude is very contagious dogs, and the animal paid attention to act positively.

  4. They are a source of heat
    The body temperature of a dog is higher than human body temperature. As a result, in the bed there is a small heater. And if in the summer it hurts, who will refuse a little natural warmth on a cool night?

  5. Dogs help fight depression
    One of the things that dogs give for granted — unconditional love. For a person trying to overcome depression, it's hard not to pay attention to this sincere line of the animal. If you get such an endless stream of love, with you a miracle will happen even in the most adverse times.

  6. They bring a sense of security
    Always nice to know that at the moment when you're most vulnerable, there are a loyal friend. Dogs have very good hearing and sense of smell and tend to mistrust strangers, to protect the owner.

  7. Co-sleeping is useful for animal
    For the dog there's nothing more important than the host. Allowing animals to spend more time with you, you make them happy. In addition, they, like you, get a sense of calm. So co-sleeping is beneficial to all!

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