Led light installation by Bruce Munro: Field of light in the Australian desert

Light installations by Bruce Munro are very popular with the audience, and this is no accident. The woods and fields, filled with thousands of glowing led colors sight is really awesome. After a number of interesting projects, Munro decided to create a field of light in the heart of the Australian desert. Eat Australian light field will be at the expense of solar energy.

Inspired by Bruce Munro to create a field of light, his journey through the Australian desert in 1992. particular impression on him made the endless fields of flowers that explode barren spaces, when it starts to rain. Trying to repeat what he saw Munro has created the project energy efficient lighting system, which should remind you of the lush landscape. The designer himself says about his creation: "I want my installation in Australia saw as many people as possible".

Field Light in Park Uluru will consist of 3290 miles of fiber optic fully powered by solar energy. The designer notes that special attention his team paid to be a preservation of natural landscapes and vegetation of the Park: "We will be extremely careful when installing your led lights". Gentle light from the installation will flow from evening to dawn, as long as enough solar energy that has been accumulated in the course of daylight hours. Of course, the brilliant "Wonderland" it is best to visit at night.

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