Lampbrella: stationary umbrella-lantern on the streets

A problem called "out of the house without an umbrella is to rain" is familiar, probably, each one of us. That is, Murphy's law in action. Even small and intermittent rain can bring a lot of trouble, especially if they catch in that part of town, where there are no bus shelters, no subways, no underground passages to hide. Russian designer Mikhail Belyaev from Saint-Petersburg have thought up how to solve this problem once and for all.

Development designer called Lampbrella and is a street lamp with an integrated umbrella cot. The umbrella is equipped with sensors, one reacts to a drop of rain and automatically opens when the second sensor responsive to movement, will detect the approaching person. The dome is also formed independently, or when the rain, or if the motion sensor will "report" that under the umbrella no one.

The conceptual device Lampbrella will help to solve two problems at once: street lighting and shelter from the rain. Or, judging by the number of broken street lamps, will create a new pair... However, at the moment, the umbrella-lantern Mikhail Belyaev — only a concept and a couple of visualizations.

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