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The company Mpowerd recently were able to demonstrate their lamps which were fed by ordinary solar panels. Such a lamp can easily be folded like an accordion. The flow of light is fairly powerful and is approximately ten light bulbs.

According to developers and experts of the company using the conventional solar cells that are integrated directly into the device, the user will no longer face the constant replacement of batteries.

Some, however, do not use the lights, and turn on their phones or tablets, and illuminate the space. By the way, from such unpredictable use most often and broken the tablets out of the hands fell, the surface was hit something in the dark etc. But do not worry, buy ipad repair parts and accessories for their protection discounted online. Well, the light to use the lantern.

Universal "sun" lamp is most portable and easy to use. In total, it's the 108-gramage disk, its thickness is 2.4 cm, and a diameter of about 12.8 centimeters. With a special shock valve, it is capable of swelling up, becoming less than a minute lamp of cylindrical shape.

This basic Luci lantern has 10 LEDs. It is equipped with two modes of brightness setting. A special button that triggers the flash mode, it is quietly located on the lamp. Its equipped with a 3.8-volt battery protected lithium-polymer coating. Battery ensures operation of the lamp for 7-11 hours maximum charge the battery is designed for approximately a period of up to seven hours. The feature of lamp is that it can be recharged from solar panels or from the regular incandescent bulbs.



This inflatable solar lantern is covered with a waterproof shell, for this reason it is intended not only for domestic but also for outdoor use.



He is represented in the form of primary and backup light source. The lamp may optionally be placed in the pocket of a backpack, as in the large pocket of the suit. The company Mpowerd proposed to use it as a backup option for lighting in vehicles, cottages and home.

For more convenience, the developers and the company's engineers have equipped the lantern with special handles so you can hang or move without difficulty in any place. If it is put on a solid basis, it will be attached to the surface.



Source: zeleneet.com


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