History of Brandon Lee

It is sometimes said that in life there are no accidents, and even absurd death of man - this is not a bug, but a consequence of something. Why son died an outstanding martial artist Bruce Lee and Linda Emery Brandon Lee still remains a mystery. Many believe in the version of the murder, as 28-year-old actor was supposed to be a worthy substitute for the popularity of his father, and some do believe that Brandon felt worthless (in the background the beautiful Bruce) and decided to commit suicide. Death Brandon similar to many until the end of the unsolved deaths of other celebrities - Kurt Cobain, Sergei Yesenin, Marilyn Monroe, and his father Bruce Lee, so we still can not find it - coincidence or a premeditated murder. But how was the son of the great Bruce Lee during his lifetime, we still have an opportunity to learn.

Brandon Lee was born in Oakland, California, the son of the then not so popular and recognizable actor and martial artist Bruce Lee and teacher Linda Emery. After the birth of her son Bruce said Brandon - "the only blond-haired, blue-eyed Chinese in California," apparently because he really only remotely similar to his father. However, in another it was though not an exact copy, but "approximate option" young Bruce. For five years, Brandon was able to walk on his hands and took out a jump to his father's chin.

At 8 years old Brandon lost his father and started a completely different life. Several times it is expelled from school for bad behavior, but actually it was not such a bully and liked to play chess, poker and ping pong, and loved to read. All this is backed up by Brandon's love of the theater and music. When the "school period" ended Brandon started taking acting classes at the Lee Strasberg Institute and determined to become an actor. This was followed by seven roles that were not so well known is the role in the movie 8 "Crow┬╗.

It was on the set of "The Crow" 28-year-old actor died. By the end of the film his character shoots a gun (as you know used blank cartridges), but stuck in the barrel plug has not been seen, and flew out of the barrel stuck in the spine Brandon. After extensive hemorrhage Lee Jr. died. It happened 18 days before the wedding of Brandon with his girlfriend Eliza Hutton, so a story was not finished ...

After the release of the finished movie "The Crow" (In the last scene was involved understudy whose face using graphic was replaced by the face of Brandon Lee), the actor became a cult figure among the young, and she had a reel of film has a huge box office success. The role of Eric Draven in the movie "The Crow" recognized as the best role of Brandon Lee (from myself I will say that the film is wonderful, and Brandon liked me from the first minute, although at that time I had no idea that this is the son of Bruce Lee, more than that, I do not I knew his name).


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