SABAOARCH – eco-friendly stay high in the trees

Lush tree branches in Kanagawa (Japan) is a unique home SABAOARCH. Looking at them, it may seem that in the branches of trees stuck in the clouds. Unusual architectural design rounded shapes give the person the opportunity to retire and soar high above the problems and fuss.

SABAOARCH unusual home nestled among the lush branches of the Japanese Kanagawa Prefecture. In the house, which resembles a cloud, its inhabitants go up the stairs. The house has three rooms in which to relax away from the outside world.

Each of the oval rooms of the house "tied" to a tree trunk and designed for certain types of activities – there is a room for tea, to sleep outdoors and "living room". Each of the rooms of the "crossing" of branches of trees, and the house itself resembles a spool of thread strung on the tree trunk.

Each room has a fence to protect visitors from falling from heights. Each room has white sofa. The floor in every room of the grid, that provides a natural draining of rain water or spilled liquids, and to the base of the tree attached to the filter. It is worth considering that during strong winds the house swinging along with the tree.

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