Art carved paper from Lisa Rodden

Dense sheets of plain white paper in the hands of the artist Lisa Rodden (Lisa Rodden) get a new lease of life, becoming three-dimensional paintings, which the author not only paints, but carves on a white plane. Her work is characterized not only by minimalist and concise, but also limit the precision with which the artist puts on paper cuts, forming of creative composition.

Skillfully manipulating light and shadow, adding here and there for color contrast, and originality of design, Lisa Rodden cuts out paper figures of animals and birds, and geometric patterns, which differ in the symmetry and accuracy β€” it can only meticulous and patient man for whom monotonous meticulous work is a pleasure, not torture. Relief work Lisa Rodden forced to admire her talent, and some impossible to look away, eyes lingering on the colored sections, then pausing at one, then the other, searching and finding something new in each of the extraordinary paintings of the artist.

Knowing the talent of Lisa Rodden be managed with paper and scissors, as well as its innovative approach to creativity, large companies often bought her production and the development of its own bulk of business cards and fancy booklets. And paper carved paintings of the artist showing in art galleries as an example of stylish and sleek modern art, which has a great future.

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