The style, environment and automotive cameras: accessories at English Retreads

Consumerism of modern society are great as ever. And their scale is constantly increasing. With the pace of recycling of raw materials tomorrow may be the only opportunity to buy something new. Because even today, many designers begin to work in recycling-direction. And for some it turns very well, not without style. Like the English Retreads brand, whose accessories are in no way inferior leather, though made of old cameras and tires.

The range of the English Retreads men's and women's bags of various styles, wallets, cases for gadgets and belt. They all share a certain restraint, elegance of design and a constant black color. The paucity palette is easily explained, considering that the accessories are made of old and broken cameras. So black, in this case, not only a timeless classic, but also a kind of trick, reminding you about the pedigree thing. Although recently English Retreads still offered its customers more freedom in choosing the "color" of its lining. Also, the English Retreads somewhat "mimics" natural leather, being a decent alternative.

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