The Australian town of Sheffield: farm Paradise and art gallery

The Australian city of Sheffield, situated at the foot of majestic mount Roland in the North-West coast of Tasmania, can rightly be called a city-Museum. This small town attracts tourists from different corners of the world, because its streets remind of a showroom with a huge number of paintings, which depict simple scenes from everyday life of citizens. Each of these paintings – a work of art!

A source of inspiration for artists is a quiet and peaceful life of Sheffield. The main occupation of the inhabitants of this city – agriculture. Farmers breed sheep and pigs, grow potatoes and various vegetable crops, and many of them are engaged in wood processing.

Until the 1980s, years Sheffield was an unremarkable town, whose population dramatically increased during the construction of several nearby hydroelectric power plants. However, after construction was completed, the workers had departed, and for the city's economy entered a period of crisis. The initiative group of local residents decided to save Sheffield, transforming it so that from a provincial town it has developed into a tourist object.

Inspired by the story of a small canadian town of Chemainus, which was saved from ruin thanks to the art murals, public organization Kentish Association for Tourism has decided to revive the city of Sheffield. This was supposed to decorate the streets with numerous frescos, which were to appeal to not only residents but also guests of the town.

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