How destructive emotions are manifested on the skin


Doctors agree that the reasons for the occurrence of these diseases. Here, disruption of the gastrointestinal tract, and disorders of the immune and nervous systems. And as we already know, destructive emotions — destroy all three fundamental systems of our body.

But how do they do it? And if these diseases symbolic meaning? Of course there is, but not the only one. Rather, they can be divided into several groups.


1. Very often these diseases — a desperate cry — don't touch me: I'm disgusting.

How has this hitch? If the child's parents weren't hugged as a child, arises tactile deprivation. Little baby needs a gentle touch. Otherwise he cannot develop what we see as a lagging development of orphans in orphanages. The child is very sensitive emotionally, and if he feels unwelcome, if he doesn't feel a constant flow of love, especially from mother, disrupted the work of all body systems and we have an allergic diathesis , the forerunner of the future of medicine.

But children — being very loving and in a bad mood mom, they tend to blame themselves, and if the mother says something like "what a disgusting slut", "at you and see something disgusting, don't touch that", then it sounds like a curse and the child develops a skin disease, which does not look good.

Changing perceptions of their own attractiveness, self-acceptance is the key to healing.

2. The second class of causes is certain systemic family dynamics. Constellation collective experience suggests that the raging offended or previous partner of his father, which is in the family and is remembered is a common cause of dermatosis the daughter of this man.

How does it happen? Maybe she replaces the father of the woman, and then her relationship with her mother will be definitely competitive. Or she catches it right of the family field ( remember the tale of the sleeping Princess: so the evil witch that was not invited to the celebration of the birth of the Princess is an archetype hurt a previous partner, sends the curse, the pressures on Princess).

It is treated only rasstanovka, release of systemic weave.

3. The third class of causes — systemic family too, but it is associated with some traumatic experience.

For example. Great-grandfather to drunk to set fire to the house, and my grandmother (his daughter) was burned. She was saved, but left terrible burn marks. Granddaughter's strongest neurodermatitis, skin on 30 percent of his body red, inflamed like a burn.

Also treated only setups. Grandfather — removed, granddaughter of your symptom reminds about the circumstances of his exclusion.

Separately want to tell about our relations with the psychosomatic theory and Chinese medicine, and at the same time about hives and other skin rashes.

Acne (acne, acne) is a disease of the sebaceous glands. Usually, acne are inflammatory nodules are of a red color, often painful, as well as non-inflammatory comedones, which is a painless black spots – acne. Acne located on the face, neck, chest and back.

The main cause of Chinese medicine believes destabilization of the Constitution "Bile", which is directly related to the functioning of the liver. Therefore, negative symptoms of acne are enhanced when taken too salty, spicy and sweet foods. Thus, the surplus produced bile penetrating the skin through the capillary vessels that cause the appearance of rashes, acne, pustules as well as contribute to the development of such severe skin diseases as atopic dermatitis, psoriasis, dermatitis, atopic dermatitis, erysipelas, eczema.

All these diseases traditional Chinese medicine refers to diseases of "heat". So, wrong excessive work of the gallbladder leads to excessive "heat", and he in turn to by the aforementioned skin diseases. Gallbladder is very well intervirology body, which is a positive feedback with our emotions of anger and rage.

Any speaker from the family, leading to disruption of the flow of love between mother and child (for example, if a girl replaces a previous partner of his father, and mother sees it as a competitor), resulting in the fact that the child is angry at mother for not "added". Often these children can observe the inflection of the gallbladder, and the biliary dyskinesia — almost always.


Will tell you about one case study where a severe Allergy, the client began against the background of the scandal with her mother. Call the client's probation Lisa, she's 37 years old, she divorced, one child, a son. According to Lisa's relationship with her mother was always cold. The mother was willing to give money, but not heat.

In fellowship, Lisa gave the impression of a controlling person, was often interrupted, not waiting to hear, told me exactly how she wants me to get it "treated".

When collecting family history revealed that Lisa's grandmother survived the siege, gave birth to a Lysine mother in the siege of Leningrad without a husband. But in the year 44 as a guiding health worker was transported with the child from the besieged city.

It is difficult to convince Lisa to come just watch the placement. There was a feeling that I just can't hear. Lisa continually abused the mother, and it seemed to me that she is a very strong transference to me. Still, the adult part of her was quite strong, and she came.

In her own arrangement clearly revealed that grandmother to mother was another victim during the siege baby. First of all sorrowful grandmother had attention focused on it, mom client, she almost didn't notice. Lisa, "remembered" that she heard something about it. The children's father (grandfather client's) admiration for his grandmother (Lisa says she was a prominent doctor and very good in his youth) and almost didn't notice the kids. In the family of his grandfather never mentioned it.

Deputy Lisa continuously copied postures grandmother, and it was evident that there is a strong identification with her client. Mother Deputy Lisa looked down. After the procedure of reidentification, assistant Manager Lisa cried and Lisa felt the physical relief. The assistant, after some time went to her mother, lay down and put his head in her lap.

It took another 10 minutes and I asked Lisa to go to the place of assistant. She hardly agreed. The Deputy's mother put her hand on his head, and Lisa felt the heat flowing. But after a while, she said that a mother holds the hand formally, and she wants more. Well, childish insults clingy and needs time to heal.

The day after the placement of the itching has subsided, but after 3 days got rid of a rash. Lisa also noted that it has become easier to communicate with my mother, and ever-present irritation disappeared.published


Author: Elena Barabash


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