"Green" tourism in German: a minimalist house Erlebnest


Modern man, tired of daily vanity vanities to strive for the origins, or rather, he seeks to escape from the city noise, dust and other delights of civilization among the branches of the trees. "Green" building Erlebnest by the German company GmbH confirmation. Is only one time to see this unusual structure, to understand where you want to aim for the weekend.


Erlebnest is a minimalist structure, which consists of a large covered area with a round shape and the oblong module that seemed to float next to the platform. The basis for the site is the trunk of the tree, and to get to it you must climb a fairly tall ladder. And the stairs and platform are protected with a special mesh which is not only a design element, but also the security system.


The site performs the functions of a living and dining room and soaring next to the module cocoon intended for sleep. Thus, the Erlebnest offers everything which is necessary for those who prefer green tourism, to spend the weekend.

The area of the platform is 9 square meters, it has no walls (only a protective railing), so it offers stunning views of the surrounding forest landscapes. On the site may be furniture for comfortable rest and even a mini-bar.


"Enough to spend at least one night in the ErlebNest, to feel how nice it is to be in harmony with the environment", — said the representative of the manufacturer. It is difficult not to agree, because one glance is enough to understand that ErlebNest is ideal for those who prefer ecotourism.

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