The art project "O Debate", creative portraits of politicians from Jarbas Lopes

Elections, elections... attitudes of specific people, but we all know that in a modern democratic society can not do, and try to derive maximum benefit out of each campaign. Someone makes money, someone builds a career, and Brazilian artist Jarbas Lopez (Jarbas Lopes) found in the politics of his Muse that helped him create a funny art project "O Debate" (Debate), a series of paintings with an ironic subtext.

However, the picture is quite a relative term. Series O Debate consists of creatively reimagined and artistically designed portraits of politicians, both known and unknown participants of election campaigns, which people know only through posters, leaflets, videos, and huge posters placed on the streets. The artist collects these posters and posters, giving preference to those that are printed on vinyl or plastic, and then merges, creating portraits of political hybrids.

"Trophy" campaign materials Jarbas Lopez cut into long strips-the strips and then weaves them into something like rugs or mats, which then manifested the image of a human face. Although the traits of some of famous people remain recognizable, each hybrid consists of a whole galaxy of political personalities it is easy to see with the naked eye. Thus, the author gives us to understand that politicians are basically cut from the same cloth, despite the fact that they are on opposite sides, and each in its own way puts the emphasis in his campaign speeches from the rostrum.

The art project "O Debate" the author, Jarbas Lopes, created on the basis of portraits by world-known political figures like Barack Obama, George Bush and Hillary Clinton and with the participation of Brazilian politicians on a local scale.

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