The school Board in the interior

In kindergarten we want to grow quickly and to go to school, school to go to University to feel free and independent students, and the University — to go back to kindergarten where you can sleep during the day and not think about the seminars and lectures. But the school Board accompanies us during the whole period of study, and sometimes even at work have to deal with chalk or marker boards protecting your project or conducting seminars for employees. Of course, those who have an Association with the school years are accompanied by the anxiety attack, our enthusiasm does not cause. For everyone else — enjoy designer items with nostalgia for the school.

In the era of communal apartments, people normally gathered with friends and neighbors it was in the kitchen because it was the only common room, a conference room, to discuss pressing issues. Communal apartments have sunk into oblivion, but the habit to host guests in the kitchen remained still. Designers offer to diversify the interior of this room with items reminiscent of a school Board, and it is not only decorative, but also practical purposes. "Kitchen chalkboard" you can write recipes and compile shopping lists, write notes to the families and loved ones, making notes, talking on the phone. And decorated in the form of a school Board doors and cabinets cabinets is convenient to sign, it was immediately clear that where stored. This will be especially useful for those who has a penchant for permutations.

In the bedroom interior the black color is used reluctantly. But in some cases "Muse school Board" and it might come in handy. Especially if a creative approach to the use of this Board, covering it with patterns, funny or romantic messages and cool drawings, hand-made crayons.

Children likewise possible to design the interior of the classrooms. Except that the tables zagagulina and flourishes are smaller, and the schedule for the week to fill out are the parents that the kid missed sports or music or dance, a visit to the doctor, and he remembered that grandma's birthday is coming up.

As for playing a child's room, it can also be a children's bedroom, the drawing Board is the Central and most important element of the interior. No matter how many children in the family — if the child has a wall that does not prohibit, but rather, it is recommended to draw, write, bring all sorts of doodles, he will always find what to do if the parents are busy and can't pay attention to him at the moment. In addition, such a wall for children's art will promote the development of the baby, and will help to identify his talent for drawing.

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