Secondary use of materials

Korean artist Do young Choi creates impressive three-dimensional sculptures of twisted old magazines. It always held the theoretical physics and the theory of multiple measurements (scientists say that there are only 14). In his art, Choi is trying to understand, is it possible that emotions, dreams, people and even God himself is some kind of invisible space.

The views From the young Choi was influenced by the books of the philosopher Ken Wilber, Buddhism and Taoism and, of course, the concept of secondary use materials. Man lives with many feelings and emotions. Some of them are instinctive, some conscious, but, in fact, between them there is no fundamental "tangible" difference.

Using resin, wire and old Newspapers and magazines, Choi creates 3D sculptures that seem ephemeral, but actually quite durable. A giant pipe sticking out of the wall, very similar to the book sculpture Alicia Martin, which, like the waterfall pouring out of the walls — at least the impression. And he works on his ideas, leaving behind piles of waste.

Since 2006, when the graduate school of fine art in new York began to show the public of their works from recycled materials, the scale and complexity of his sculptures has increased considerably. Two years ago, the artist said that he is inspired by Anish Kapoor, Tara Donovan and Tom Friedman. Amazing and eco-friendly art, it's hard not to agree.

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