Why eat bacon?

Beneficial properties of fat are in the presence of vitamins A, E, D, and arahidonovoy acid. The latter, being an unsaturated fat essential for the human body. Arahidonova acid helps the body fight bacteria and viruses, strengthening the immune system.

That is why fat is recommended in winter, when the body is most susceptible to various diseases. By the way, fat does not contain carcinogens and there is never radioactive. Fatty acids contained in the fat, help the body in the construction of cells and the formation of hormones. These acids play an important role in cholesterol metabolism and remove toxins from the body. The number of these acids fat faster than even butter.

In fat is a substance which is vital to pregnant women, nursing mothers, athletes and smokers. This substance is called selenium, and it contains in the fat, and in a highly digestible form. Unfortunately, 80% of Russians are experiencing a shortage of selenium. Incidentally, in garlic which is often eaten together with fat, also have selenium. Fat good that does not spoil for a long time, so it is, for example, often take on hikes – as one of the main sources of energy.

Fat are encouraged to eat with the salad of raw vegetables, which should fill the unrefined vegetable oil or Apple or grape vinegar.Calorie — 797, Proteins, -2,4, g Fats, g -89,0, Carbohydrates, g — 0, a Glycemic index of 0

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