Creative landscaping and a touching love story Argentine farmer

In the distant Argentine pampas located incredible forest in the shape of a guitar. Over 35 years ago, the Argentine farmer from the district of General LaValle Pedro Ureta lost his wife, who suffered from aneurysm of the brain. Devastated by the loss of the designer of the Coast decided to create an unusual monument which would perpetuate his wife, and as the forms of expression chosen guitar is the most favorite music instrument of his wife. However, the monument made not of granite or marble, and lush vegetation.

Creative landscaping of the Coast stretches nearly a mile and is made of flowering eucalyptus, which is created handle unusual guitars, and lush cypress trees that outlined the silhouette of the tool.

The idea to create an unusual monument belongs to the wife of a Coast – Graciela. Somehow, flying over the pampas, she saw a silhouette that reminded the pail. Back home, Graciela invited to create their own design field, very much she liked this creative landscaping.

Unfortunately, the couple was busy with household routines, and never found the opportunity to realize your project. And in 1977, Graciela died, and it seemed an incredible idea died with her. However, Pedro Ureta decided to realize the dream of his late wife and all the free time to devote to planting and growing trees in the shape of a guitar.

Today, anyone who flies over the pampas in Rancho Pedro Ureta can enjoy a truly enchanting sight. The designer, sorry, saw your creation just for the photos – the fact is that he is afraid of planes.

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