How to grow bonsai?

Bonsai is a tiny tree. Real cherries, oaks, pines, maples, but in miniature. Although they are growing in pots or bowls, it's not houseplants. Sometimes they can be put on two or three days in the apartment, but a permanent place bonsai on the balcony, the terrace or in the Conservatory. Growing bonsai requires patience. This work will take years, and the care of “finished” bonsai takes a long time.

If these difficulties will not stop, start, following the example of the Japanese, the search for seedlings in the woods, on waste grounds, in the crevices of rocks – for example, all gnarled small trees. You can take stunted trees from nurseries or try to grow a bonsai from seed. Recommended are deciduous trees that look attractive even without leaves.

Oak, elm, birch, beech, hornbeam, alder, hawthorn, willow. Softwood is the most suitable pine, larch, juniper. Easiest to “educate” the larch, willow, birch, worse – pine and juniper, with long branched roots. The plant is put in a small bowl with a diameter of 10-12 cm and a height of 5-6 cm At the bottom of the bowls put the plastic grille. Before planting, trim the roots with scissors so that they were back on their feet and sticking out horizontally to the sides. Earth – a mixture of humus garden soil, sand and peat. After planting the ground should be properly compacted and well watered. Take the tree in the garden or on the balcony, but not in the sun.

The main challenge before you is to force a tree to slow growth. There are different ways to slow down: frequent pruning of the roots and young shoots, poor soil, minimal fertilizer doses, but above all it is an artificial stop or decrease the flow of juices in the plant by applying horizontal cuts the trunk and grip it wire. So, trimming the roots and put them in a bowl already inhibited the growth of a tree, but bonsai should not only remain small, gradually they should be given a pictorial form characteristic of the adult trees. To this end, a circumcision and the curvature of the branches. To start these operations can be when the plant is well established in the bowl, it is better to conduct them in the summer, when the branches more flexible.

Very carefully twist and bend the branches and trunk. To keep them in the desired position, wrap tree of copper wire, the ends attach it to pegs hammered into the ground. For greater stability the tree wire can be attached to the grid at the bottom of the bowls. The spots wrap bast (barks) harness to a branch or the bark is not cracked. No less important is pruning. Deleting the branch, you release growth energy escape or the kidneys are located below. If you want, for example, to make the branch grow to the right, I need to find a kidney, protruding to the right, and cut the branch as close as possible to the kidney, leaving above her a bitch, who will die anyway and become a place of penetration of pathogens of any disease. Understanding the natural tendencies of development of trees, you'll soon see which shoots have to be shortened or removed completely.

When pruning conifers, be especially careful, as the damaged branches turn yellow. Have trimmed trees, all the growth energy is concentrated on the remaining branches and twigs. The trunk and branches are becoming more powerful. Lightly scoring the bark in several places with a sharp knife, you will achieve extra aging of the trunk.

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