Spherical batteries, powered by solar energy

Designers from Rawlemon, working with solar energy has created a spherical glass ball that can concentrate the sun and moonlight up to 10,000 times. The company assures that the system Ya. torics (Beta Torics) is 35% more efficient than the traditional two axis photovoltaic designs, and is a rotating in all directions all-weather field that can extract electricity even from moonlight. This system operates even in the cloudy weather.

Ya. torics system was designed by an architect from Barcelona Andre Brusselem (andré Broessel). He understood how to create a solar system that could be built into the walls of buildings so that the spheres can act both as Windows and as generators of energy. But the project is notable not only because of its effective applications of solar energy: J. torics system is designed to also generate lunar energy.

Inside a large spherical lens. Sphere is able to collect diffused moonlight into a steady source of energy. Futuristic system Ya torics attracted a lot of attention for its cleanliness and beautiful design. Spheres are available in two versions: mobile and stationary. Despite the huge solar energy potential, are rarely able to meet the technology that uses it. Indeed, very nice project. To implement this concept enough already of its design: the scope will look great on the facade of modern buildings. But if this also will manage to benefit, the more you need to do anything to these balls quickly were included by the architects in the projects of the future buildings.

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