From the life of police officers

Once our office desperately needed to buy a new personalku. In fact, personal computers, we are always in need, but this time our desire very well coincided with the presence in the bookkeeping of money. But such coincidences occur much less frequently than the parade of planets! In general, calling the company "Dandelion" one fidoshnoy friend and order komputer. The next day, his secretary tells me that everything is ready and you can come. On this occasion, I on behalf of the chief requisitioned car SGP (Complete Machine Gad, she's the canary, she Patrol Motorized Group, differs from the normal car three sheets broken springs, tired engine, a blue stripe on the sides and a flashing light on the roof) and the maximum for the SGP speed (not less than 50 km / h) on the food company. However, my friend was tired of waiting and went into another country, forgetting to warn sitting in the office of his subordinates (he is the director of this type firmochki) that now arrive buyer. Left unattended guys get up to mischief. One of them slapped on ... well, everything is understood by what the place ... secretary. She screeched closed in the next room and promised that now call the police. In fact, it is, of course, I will not call.
 But exactly 10 minutes later, I stumbled into the office. The police uniform with a gun at his side, and very foolishly, because the anticipation of owning NEW personalkoy all other thoughts vanished completely. The people dumbfounded. Next sostoyalya this dialogue:

Me: Well, are you ready?
 The boys (P): Yes, we are, in fact, you did not call ...
 I: Do you or do not you - I do not care. In fact, your secretary called. But you must do it yourself.
 P: I'm sorry, it was just a joke! Our Marina with us joked ...
 Me: Well, a fig yourself jokes! I to you through half of the city in a car lane, and you joke. As you wish, I will certainly have to pick up right now! Looking out the window and saw there SGP guys offered me instead of the coveted personalki very nice portrait of US President Grant on the green paper. I, in turn, got the idea that the entire company has gone mad. With a wild cry of "Yes, I know how much ?!" I pulled from his pocket a thick wad of money for the purchase of prepared and proudly showed them jokers.
 Dumb scene broke my friend came back just in time. According to him, in the office does somewhat resemble a hospital emergency room Kashchenko policeman standing like Grandpa Lenin, pokes a bundle of rubles into his employee, but he bounces green notes!
 When everything cleared up, I finally carried personalku and we drank beer for reconciliation. Since then, I try to avoid confusion in the form of shopping not to go ...


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