In Stavropol terrorist attack, a bomb exploded

May 26 at 18.45 (Stavropol time) worked in Stavropol radio-controlled explosive device of 200 grams of TNT, stated in the UPC. As of Wednesday evening, five people were killed and several dozen wounded. The attack took place at the Palace of Culture in 15 minutes before the concert of the Chechen dance ansamblin "Vainakh».

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On Wednesday, around 18.00 MSK in the heart of Stavropol, a bomb exploded. "According to preliminary data, an explosive device was a radio-controlled, with metal striking elements", - reported in the SPC for the Stavropol Territory, reports "Interfax". A bomb with metal striking elements in the form of hemispheres the size of 6-7 cm worked on Lenin Street near the Palace of Culture and Sports. Presumably, the power of the explosive device was 200 grams of TNT, says the regional UPC.

"According to preliminary reports, the explosion occurred in a cafe" Aquarium ", near the Palace of Culture," - said the Ministry of Emergency Situations spokesman for the Stavropol Territory Oleg Degtyarev. Previously, local law enforcement agencies said that a bomb was on the visor Cafe. By 21.00 UPC said that an explosive device "was near the building adjacent to the Palace of Culture».

In the evening at the Palace of Culture had to pass a concert of the Chechen people's ansamblin "Vainakh". The explosion occurred 15 minutes before the concert.

As told to "" photographer Dmitry Zelensky, who, along with colleagues in DC rents premises, the police cordoned off the building for at least 40 minutes before the explosion.
"We are in the opposite wing from where the explosion occurred, and for us there is being renovated, so there is no water. Let's go to the toilet with their colleagues on the other side, and there is a lot of policemen, all surrounded, we were not allowed. This is clearly not a "Vainakh" related, as we always easy to move around the building during any concert, and this amount of police we have here has never been "- he said" ".

"The police have launched us back to the office, and 15 minutes later an explosion. There was exactly one a loud bang, the second was not, "- said Zelensky.
The photographer said that an explosive device laid not at the nearby cafe or parked at the entrance of the car, as previously reported, but directly at the main entrance to the building of a recreation center. "Drive the car to this entry may only employees DC, and no car exploded there to be seen. When we ran out, the smoke was pouring from somewhere on the side of the entrance, "- he says.

"It was very quiet, no screaming on the court at the entrance, and six people were spread out a huge blood stain" - says the photographer.
According to 21.00 MSK on the site killed three people - all women, one died on the way to the hospital, the number of injured has reached 28 people. According to the head of the Office of Civil Defense and Emergency Administration of Stavropol Boris Skripka affected (mostly in a state of moderate severity) were taken to the regional hospital, and the 4th and 2nd city hospital. "All the doctors scrambled to work" - said the Violin, "Interfax".

Half an hour later, to the 21.30 news already reported about four dozen victims.
"According to preliminary data, killed four people - three women, the identity of the fourth set. According to the most preliminary data, injuries of varying severity were 40 people, "- said the representative of the UPC for the Stavropol Territory Ekaterina Danilova, ITAR-TASS reported. In the city administration said that among the injured several children. Defense and Emergency Management Administration Stavropol reported about 42 wounded.


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