The largest chandelier solar

British designer Luke Jerram is widely known for its artistic installations, which are inspired by scientific research. One of his latest projects is a giant chandelier on solar batteries. The height of the chandelier is 16.5-feet (5 meters), and it is made of 665 glass of ordinary light bulbs.

Designer Luke Jerram has created the world's largest chandelier, which is lit due to sunlight. The sun's rays falling on radiometer, drive them, and the intensity of the emitted light depends on the speed of rotation. The overall visual effect of the lamp is flickering. For many years after the invention of the radiometer were disputes about how it works, however, the beauty of the effects that it creates disputes did not cause.

Its amazing chandelier installation by Luke Jerram emphasizes the efficiency of using alternative energy sources to solve energy saving. In the installation presented several lighting options and it is given to understand how humanity can use energy more efficiently.

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