Street lighting solar: efficiently and economically

Technology is actively evolving and much of what once seemed impossible, actively used in everyday life. Solar panels like stepped to us from films about astronauts, which in this way received energy. Today this technology is available to everyone. Anyone can organize street lighting of the household or house, using the equipment for solar batteries.

Day battery converts light energy into electrical energy and accumulates it. The night she spent on lighting. The device worked effectively, it must receive sufficient light, so it must be installed so that during the day it was constantly in the sun. Most often the light that radiates such a device is bright enough for basic lighting, but is ideal for illumination of different objects. Although there are more powerful options.

The solar lights can be used in places where stretching the electric wire is not possible. They are well suited for lighting walkways, shady areas of the garden, lawns, steps and ladders indicate the boundaries of access paths. They can draw an original Alpine slides, different configurations, different terrain drops, to highlight ponds or plants, etc.

This type of equipment has many advantages. First of all, it is completely safe to use, since the lamps are not stretched wiring. The device is very mobile and easy to move from place to place. Lamps Autonomous, that is, their owner does not have to monitor the battery level of the device or disable/enable it.

The device is activated with a photocell that respond to a certain illumination level. Solar-powered lights allow its owner to significantly save on electricity. Their use is almost free, not counting, of course, the cost of the equipment itself. Most of the models gives a bright uniform illumination using special scattering lens.

The lifetime of such devices depends on the type of installed lamps in them, but in any case, it is quite long. For example, high-brightness LEDs with increased light output, designed to work for 100,000 hours. The manufacturer offers a large number of variations of such devices in various power range: from full street lights and small lanterns.

Have fixtures and disadvantages. The most important include the dependence on weather conditions. In bad weather they charge very slowly and not well lit. The cold is also undesirable for such devices as the battery can give out unpleasant failures. In case of breakage of most of these lights cannot be repaired and must be replaced.

The lamps are equipped with batteries of Nickel cadmium type, their average capacity is 600 mA per hour. Put the battery on a solar panel that converts light energy into electricity. Additionally set the photocell controlling the lamp. As the light source can be selected sodium, halogen or led light bulb. The latter option is preferable, because at low power gives a good brightness and is very long.

The solar lights have special housing which protects them from any atmospheric influences. It is made from does not corrode materials: bronze, glass, and even rattan. They can withstand temperature changes ranging from +50 to -50 degrees Celsius.

Some models can be controlled remotely. The equipment is capable to provide the lighting height of about 6-10 m. Available several basic types of lamps working on solar batteries:
— A small led flashlight. They are indispensable for illumination and decoration of trees, flowers in the flower bed, small architectural forms and garden paths. Are small dimensions and a wide variety of forms.
— Wall. Have special attachment for mounting on vertical planes. Depending on power can be used for main lighting or as a backlight of buildings and gazebos.
— Lawn. Compact lanterns designed specifically for spot lighting of the lawn. Is very easy to install and mobility, because before each grass cutting must be removed.
Park. Equipped with solar panels large size and impressive battery capacity, so you can work for several days even in conditions of inclement weather.

The solar-powered lighting is very attractive for the developer, however, before you purchase equipment, you should carry out the calculations. It is necessary to determine the number of lighting systems, their capacities and the height at which they are installed. Mistakes will be very noticeable. Low lights can blind people, and raised too high, they will give an insufficient amount of light.

The solar lights can be considered the most cost-effective solution for street lighting. The only obstacle in their use can become quite high cost of equipment. You have to understand that over time it will pay off, because the lighting will be to provide themselves with electricity, lighting up the area completely free of charge. published




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