What do marshmallows?

Each of us tasted this wonderful treat. The literal translation of this word means "light breeze". And really, the taste of this sweet, melting in your mouth, leaving a pleasant and "tender" memories. Recipe marshmallow came to us from the East. Even in ancient times, this was known pleasure.

Marshmallows, oddly enough, is a useful confection. Even the Institute of nutrition recommends it for use in schools and kindergartens. Used for making marshmallows, useful and nutritious for children and adults. In the modern manufacture of fruit or berry puree, sugar and egg whites. After a thorough beating of all ingredients, the resulting mixture was added gelling agents: pectin, agar or gelatin.

A particularly useful product based on pectin. It removes from the body salts of heavy metals, breakdown products of various drugs and toxic substances. When eating this delicacy increases the body's resistance. It contains calcium, vitamin B2, phosphorus and iron. However, we must remember that marshmallows can't eat in diabetes and overweight people. One of the closest relatives of marshmallow can be considered candy. You can try to cook this wonderful product at home.

Of course, the taste of home products will differ from product made in factory conditions. But any owner who decided to prepare this sweet, you can experiment with different flavors. For example, try to add any berries or candied fruit.

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