Recipe for homemade marshmallows: delicacy, which all at once on the spot!

If you can not imagine your life without a marshmallow, then you should definitely try to prepare this delicacy. The recipe, which .cc has prepared for you today, does not require any special culinary skills and special adaptations of confectionery, except pastry bag that is easy to make yourself, well, marshmallows get a very gentle and without preservatives dyes.


200 g sugar; 200 g egg whites (the weight of a single protein - 30-40 g); 200 g cream; 10 g of gelatin; 200 g syrup (raspberry, strawberry, or any other); powdered sugar. Preparation:

1. Fruit syrup should be poured into a pan, then add sugar and to boil the mixture over low heat until it thickens. Do not forget to stir the syrup, so that it is not burnt.

2. Proteins must be cooled in the refrigerator. When they are cold, they vzbey and whipping add a little citric acid.

3. Cool the cream and vzbey them.

4. dissolve gelatin according to package directions.

5. Add the thickened syrup whipped cream, beaten egg whites and gelatin. All mix thoroughly, and even better vzbey.

7. The form, which will solidify marshmallows, sprinkle liberally with powdered sugar. Distributed in the form of marshmallow mass and prisyp it with powdered sugar.

8. Put a treat in the fridge for 2-3 hours.

9. After that, cut out from the sheet marshmallow pieces using molds.

Zephyr on this recipe turns out fantastic tasty and tender! Give marshmallow from shops and learn to cook it at home. This will save money and save your health!

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