Fig.The benefits and harms.

Rice is a great choice for those with active lifestyle and healthy eating. It is a major source of complex carbohydrates, and contains fiber and minerals in appreciable amounts.

Undoubtedly, the use of rice lies in its unique nutritional properties. Because this grain is the undisputed leader in the number of carbohydrates and minerals supplied to the human body during eating. Additionally, the use of rice is that this product is the perfect natural absorbent.

He is like a sponge that absorbs all harmful substances entering the body with other types of food. Due to its absorbent properties of rice is recommended for the diet to excretion of salts and toxins. That is why many nutritionists put the rice in the base of the food pyramid of a person.

Carbohydrates Rice is rich in complex carbohydrates, which provide long-term supply of energy in the muscle tissue of the body. Consumption of high amounts of complex carbohydrates helps to reduce the daily norm of sugar and fat without losing the energy needed by the human body. The carbohydrate content of the rice reaches 78%.

At the same time the rice is very low in calories. Even those who consume lots of rice and only rice, do not dare to start to suffer from the appearance of excess weight.

The harm of rice, associated with modern ways of processing of the cereals. It is the rice husk still brown rice contains 80% of all minerals and complex carbohydrates, useful man. Damage of rice in the version that is presented in our stores, in its purity from the outer shell. From their point of view, the harm of rice lies in its delicate white beans, bringing into the body instead of nutrients just extra carbs contributing to weight gain.

Moreover, rice goes well with any kinds of meat and fish, easy to prepare and is suitable for all kinds of sauces. It will also take pic of those foods that nutritionists are entered in "black list" of losing weight. Especially those who prefer not to think about the selection of a preferred option purchased for cooking cereal grains.

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