Snow walls of Japan

In Japan annually along some roads grow "great snow wall", whose height can reach 20 meters. In winter, the highway enters a snow cover such that when in April-may it is excavated, turn out such a deep gorge.

Of course, it brings a lot of inconvenience, primarily motorists, but nothing can be done against nature, as they say, no arguing. That site was accurate at the side of the roadway has a special multimeter tower with built-in them with radio transmitters. Route Tateyama Kurobe is a very interesting attraction with a length of 90 km.

It goes through the 3000-metre high mountains, the so-called "Roof of Japan," and connects Toyama station and Shinano Omachi. Since the opening of the route in 1971, the Tateyama has evolved from a remote site one of the best attractions that every year millions of tourists visit. Murodo-Dar is one of the places in the world where there's the most snow. On average, the snow reaches 7 m. the Height of the snow cover in Otani, a 5-minute walk from the station Murodo, sometimes reaching over 20 meters. Snow corridors open to tourists from mid-April to end of may.

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