What is a geyser?

What thinks the majority of us when hears the word “geyser”. Certainly, most of us is the magnificent scenery of New Zealand, Iceland, Kamchatka. Yes, of course, most of us were not in these places, but these unique sources, gushing water and hot steam we often can see on TV, online and on promotional products, and on postcards. How many artistic works of art filled with energy these amazing natural objects, breathing in unison with active or dormant volcanoes.

Scientists strongly say that in nature there are no two identical geysers. Each of them has its own character, temperament and style of behavior: some of them, loud and gurgling, striking intense throbbing and gushing, rising high above the ground, while others, timid and shy, amaze amazing and elegant game of steam, creating whimsical paintings of "puddles".

Also vary the color of the geyserite, the intensity of the flowing steam and water, and even "friendship" over time. Indeed, in some places geysers very constant and cyclical, others are configured to randomness, variability, unpredictability. The last time the geysers have become very active participants in alternative energy. Hydrothermal energy, using the energy of the geysers, considered one of the most promising areas. Of course, such power is relevant only for some places of our planet. But where the region is ruled by geysers, to overlook this source of energy is just not worth it.

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