The smell of freshly baked bread makes us kinder

He's such a homely, cosy and practical for us all so sweet. We are talking about the smell of freshly baked bread, which is able to make us sympathetic.

Scientists conducted a study and found that buyers often helped passers-by, if passed by the bakery, where was the delicious smell of baking. The fact is that certain smells can boost your mood and more contribute to the manifestation of altruism and concern for others.

Numerous studies have demonstrated that pleasant scents make us feel happier. Psychologists from the University of South Brittany in France decided to test how scents affect the attitude towards others.

The experiment involved 8 women and men who stood either pancaked or near the clothing store. The volunteers had to act like they are looking for something in the bag, and then casually dropped in front of passing customers, a glove, a handkerchief or napkin.

The experiments, which were repeated about 400 times, showed that when the volunteers dropped the items near the bakery, 77 per cent of passers-by stopped and helped them pick up a fallen object, returning it to the owner. Near the clothing store only 52 percent of passersby offered their assistance.

Scientists came to the conclusion that a smell that is considered pleasant, friendly will cause similar behavior.


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