Led lamp with a playful office


There are many flexible lamps that can precisely adjust the direction of the emitted light and use them for local or General lighting. But the designer Michel Charlot has managed to create a multipurpose led lamp U-Turn, which, having no bending of structural elements provides the ability to adjust the lighting and brings the joy of interacting with her thanks to the magnetic hinge.

Interesting lamp U-Turn encourages to take pleasure from playful and amazing easy light control. It consists of sibabrata head portion that fits in the palm of your hand and has a magnetic fastening on both sides, and base with a metal ball. Therefore, the creative lamp can be used to illuminate the entire room or directed to Shine its light in a particular place. In addition, it allows you to adjust the degree of light scattering effect, reminiscent of zoom for SLR cameras. Playful led lamp U-Turn produced by the Swiss company Belux on the leg-clip, table base, the stand-lamp, and wall, ceiling, and pendant mount.

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