Unusual building dance hall in Melbourne


Today almost everyone is familiar with the huge nests of Patrick Dougherty, made from young willow trees, but his latest installation "Ballroom" at Federation Square in Melbourne can rightly claim to be the his most ambitious eco-friendly project. Besides, it's more than unusual building.


Dense crown IV, an aggressive root system and excessive abscission of leaves are the destructive factors for aqueous systems and therefore, in Australia, willow considered weeds. But at the same time, these plants have served as excellent material to create incredible public art installations by American artist.


When installing the Ballroom on a 3.2 hectare Federation Square, Dougherty drew inspiration from the Cathedral. Paul's, located next door. Creating an unusual building, the artist used metal forests, which support the branches of the willow in an upright position, as well as other tools that allowed us to bend this strange construction, but eco-friendly materials in its sole discretion.


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