Self-contained house from Andrea Zittel: always taking care of nature


In 2012, the owner of Frederick Kiesler prize that is traditionally awarded in the New Museum in new York, was a Californian artist Andrea Zittel. The prize is awarded once in 2 years non-professional artists, whose works combine sustainability and innovation in architecture. At first glance it becomes clear — that Zittel received this award.


Compact Vans: A-Z, like many of her other projects have focused attention on the possibility of human habitation in the removal of any settlements in the lap of nature. This house is interesting and inspiring at the same time.



Zittel's work was shown in the network before, but she was still relatively unknown master in the world of design. Upon receiving the award, Frederick Kiesler, it is likely to change. His project Van A-Z, which predstavljaet a trailer and can be used for any purpose and as the bathroom and bedroom, and as an impromptu warehouse — designer pays attention to the aspiration of modern society for hoarding – it's a lot of different things man accumulates, sometimes in the space of his apartment.


A design feature of the Van A-Z is a tiny living space, which satisfies on the one hand satisfies all the needs of man, and on the other allows to clutter his house a pile of unnecessary things, as it happens quite often. In addition, the construction can be easily installed on almost any landscape and does not require the installation of foundations.

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