A stapler that requires no staples


Students, pupils, teachers and office staff, who every day doing paperwork, I know firsthand how it is uncomfortable when the stapler does not want to work properly. The bracket over, then bend down, get stuck, and sometimes does not even keep a pack of paper, stubbornly glaring at her a tip. Therefore, a real salvation for many will be a universal device Go-Go Staple Less Stapler that requires no staples to high-quality and efficient work with piles of documents.


"Endless" Go-Go Staple Less Stapler works in the same way as normal. The stack of paper, stapler, short shot, and the documents stapled paper tape, which turned out, when the mechanism device is punched in the paper two neat holes. Complete self sufficiency and the lack of additional financial investments as well as reliability and continuity for certain will do awesome stapler is indispensable in the home and in the office.


Since the Go-Go Staple Less Stapler requires no additional accessories, this device has rightly been called frugal, but this definition appends "green". However, what is its environmental friendliness, can only assume. This is probably an allusion to the fact that if all will go for this kind of fixtures, factories reduced production load, and hence the level of environmental pollution, all sorts of industrial emissions in atmosphere and pools nearby bodies of water.



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