New technology for transmitting digital information

Researchers from the laboratory of the company Fujitsu has developed a new technology, which can be used to transfer digital information from the TV screen to any mobile electronic device having a built-in camera. The company intends to put this technology on a commercial footing in 2013 and use it as a means optical transmission of small blocks of data from the TV to your smartphone or tablet computer. Similar things can be done with other technologies optical communications, such as a digital "water" signs on the image, or QR barcodes. But such techniques require additional equipment, special scanners and receivers, and the information itself makes a rather strong "noise" component in the image. In addition, some elements can't be successfully recognized if the camera is not close enough to the TV screen.

Fujitsu's new technology bypasses all of the above problems, combining all the advantages of visible light and a digital "watermark". "The information is not visible to the naked eye, but the entire screen at certain points becomes brighter or darker. The camera records these changes brightness and decodes the transmitted information. During a demonstration of the technology, the transmission speed was 16 bits per second, which was enough for a single TV commercial to convey one packet of information several times.

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