Snake fruit-Salak

Salak is called snake because of the peel, which in appearance resembles the skin of a snake. This exotic fruit is cultivated in all the countries of South-East Asia.

The tree is a low growing tropical tree with multiple trunks with feathery leaves, petioles and axes are covered with spikes. Clusters of red-brown fruits grow directly on the ground at the base of the trunk. Scaly, rough, spiny and resembling a snake skin fruit herring (hence the name snake fruit similar to small onions. The flesh is beige–yellow, sweet, aromatic and has a specific taste.

The taste of the fruit varies with the variety. Some describe as sour-sweet with a nutty flavor, some say the taste resembles something like cherries, gooseberries, and strawberries, for others something like masibusane and pineapple, a there are those who describe how wool is filled with Valerian or sage with the same smell and taste.

Unripe fruit is either very bitter or tart and sour. Recall that it depends on a variety salacca. By the way, and apparently they are different from round to almond-shaped forms. But all the same brown color. The pulp has few or a single segment and of different intensities of beige. Again, depends on salacca.

Usually, fruit is eaten raw, but it can also be used in boiled and candied. Unripe fruits are sour and astringent taste, be pickled like pickles.

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