Air show starlings in Israel

In Israel, thousands of birds, huddled in a pack, put on quite the air show, simultaneously circling in the sky and forming intricate shapes and figures.

Ornithologists explain the behavior of the birds is quite prosaic: in this way the starlings exchange information in the pack, where to find food and are protected from attacks. According to scientists, the predator is unlikely to attack such a huge moving mass.

According to estimates of ornithologists, this fall, Ezra was up to 20 million migratory birds.

In turn, the authorities of major cities, including Rome, are not welcome this invasion and call on the help of scientists.

For example, to drive the birds used are recorded on tape and reproduced via the loudspeaker sounds of danger, called a stress call alarm their fellows. However, the effect of this method is short-lived.

Israeli photographer Elijah of Hershkowitz (Eliyahu Hershkovitz) saw and managed to capture this amazing flock of starlings.


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