People have always had the need to know the time. This is important both for planning the day and for personal orientation day. Now clocks are everywhere: on your computer, phone or any other electronic device, the hands on the wall and even on the neck in the form of an accessory, if you want to be. There is hardly a house in which there is a wall clock. A wall clock is hard to imagine without the dial. But time destroys stereotypes, and now a wall clock with hands is not necessarily a watch with a dial!

This idea was brought to life by designer Uttam Banerjee. His invention is a new wall clock. Being in a certain position, from the tip of the clock on the wall are shimmering respective figures. Work such hours from the outlet.

The invention – a direct competitor to the usual wall clock. His great advantage lies in the fact that in order to see the time in the dark, not necessarily turn on the lights, as the numbers themselves glow red. If clocks are at the same place (for example, time 12:00), the figure otticials only one from the minute hand, so it is longer.

Even this advantage makes the new watch prevoshodstvo over the old, mechanical, as if we want to know the time of night, as a rule, always have a mobile phone, or similar device, which also has its own clock.



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