Migration admirable

Every year, the global animal performs the feat, performing thousands of kilometers, overcoming obstacles and losing their brethren.
And all this for one purpose - to survive and continue their family.

A herd of wildebeests racing across the plains of the National Reserve Masai Mara, Kenya. Every year during the migration antelope run about 3 thousand kilometers of equatorial East Africa

Gentoo penguin slim-step approach to the edge of the water and dive to start your swim. They will have the way to the shores of Antarctica.

A flock of white pelicans promoted by well-known route them along the Mississippi River

For walrus ice - that's life. As marine mammals that require oxygen, they are accustomed to the fact that you can relax on the ice, to produce offspring, nurture it, to migrate. Due to climate change the ice is getting smaller. The annual migration is transformed into a race to the bottom

Golden jellyfish of Palau gained its "color" name from the color that they get because of single-celled organisms that live on their bodies. These organisms need energy, which they in turn nourish their carriers. Therefore jellyfish every day migrate in pursuit of sunlight


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