Where is home to rare animals

Habitats of rare species of animals

Indonesia - horseback riding on elephants
National Park Gunung Leuser National Park gives nature lovers a unique chance to see many rare animals, including even such unique representatives of tropical fauna as orangutans. Take a fascinating walk through virgin jungle on foot, by boat, or riding on this elephant. In the latter case, even if the wild orangutans do not come to the meeting with the tourists, unforgettable impressions are guaranteed.

Elks Park Algonquin
Algonquin Park - is a specially protected natural area in the Canadian province of Ontario. On the territory of this huge park are impassable forests, powerful cliffs, treacherous swamps dangerous swamps and thousands of beautiful lakes. In summer, visitors to the park are moved by canoe and dog sledding in the winter. In these woods a lot of wild animals in the park and can easily meet the magnificent moose, which is famous for its giant size.

Florida Gators
Everglades of South Florida - this is one of the biggest and most famous wetlands in the world. In these impassable bogs live giant alligators, the length of which can reach almost 5 meters.

Giant Bears British Columbia
British Columbia - this Canadian province. Here in the dense forests of huge live grizzly bear. Animals are not afraid of curious tourists and continue to go about their chores bear, even when under the gun cameras.

Migration of zebras in Botswana
For many thousands of years of zebra every year with the onset of the dry season we went to the banks of the river Boteti. But drought is finally defeated River in 1995. To prevent the destruction of a huge number of zebras and other animals that are still every year flock to the path on the traditional route, today the river is filled with water by means of special pumps.

Tembe Elephant Park
Tembe Elephant National Park is located in South Africa. Here, for centuries home to numerous herds of elephants. Mozambican Civil War caused great damage to their livestock, but in recent decades the elephants began to recover their numbers.

Rare African deer
We are all accustomed to, that Africa can meet zebras, giraffes and a variety of antelope. But here live and deer. To admire these wonderful and rare animals, you need to go to the park Kasanka. The easiest way to watch the deer in the early morning, when they are going to the river to drink.

South African chimpanzees
In special parks of South Africa tour a unique opportunity to observe the wild life of our closest relatives, and if lucky, and communicate with them.

African Wild Dog on the banks of the Limpopo River
African Wild Dog is incredibly friendly and sociable animals. But in spite of mutual assistance, to survive in the modern world it is becoming harder and harder. A nonprofit organization is Endangered Wildlife Trust work to preserve these amazing animals. They also organize tours for tourists, during which you can observe the complex social life of African Wild Dog.

Wildlife South Africa
Fauna of South Africa is extremely rich and diverse. It can be observed in all its glory, having been on a small farm Kwa Madvala. In a small lake here instead of ducks swimming crocodiles and hippos, and on its shores and roam the pack of hyenas lion prides, trapping numerous antelopes come to drink.

On a visit to the baboons
Funny and funny baboons actually very strong and aggressive animals. A high intelligence and capacity for collective action makes them particularly dangerous herd. Yet in South Africa, there are quite peaceful baboons who are willing to exchange for a small treat to communicate with tourists.

Migration of reindeer in Norway
Travel on snowmobiles after migrating reindeer Sami will feel the charm of the North.

The colonies of meerkats in South Africa
Meerkats are very colorful, but also very convicts animals. To see them in the wild is very difficult, as the vigilant sentries, guarding the colony time to warn about approaching strangers relatives, and the entire company for long dives into the ground. But Grant Makilratu managed to gain the confidence of careful meerkats, and tourists who choose him as their guide, have the opportunity to watch plenty of stormy life meerkat colony.

Cheetahs Namibia
The task of a huge farm Okonjima - saving cheetahs. Tourists are also always welcome. Guests are accommodated in picturesque thatched huts, and everyone experienced guides can take to the wild cheetahs very close. Make it easy, because the movement of all animals is monitored using special radio receivers.

Mountain gorillas of Rwanda
Virunga National Park in Rwanda - is one of the few places on earth where you can still see the magnificent mountain gorillas. It is home to most of the rest of the population. Tourists are offered day and six-day trip, during which you can learn about these amazing creatures.

Equatorial forests of Gabon
A colorful variety of the equatorial African jungle just knows no boundaries and defies description. Jungle is suited directly to the ocean, and sitting on the beach you can watch the fountains of humpback whales and herds of elephants and buffalo come to the water to cool off.

Koala Brisbane
Brisbane City - one of the best places to meet to allow the colorful nature of Australia, and at the same time deprived of the usual amenities. On the one hand - it is a large, modern city, on the other hand - koalas and other animals live here right in the park. Also, tourists are attracted by diving to natural and artificial reefs.



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