Tailless scorpions

Phryne (Amblypygi) - tailless zhgutonogie spiders are small detachment of tropical arachnids Amblypygi. Title squad in Greek means "dumb ass". In English-speaking countries called Phryne tailless scorpions because of the lack of the tail (telson).

Phryne are unique in that they have six walking legs, while other arachnids have eight. The reason for this is that the first of zhgutonogie spiders arachnids changed the walking legs in the senses. These long sensitive tentacles can be twice as long as the body and are used for environmental studies.

As Phryne active under conditions where penetrates very little sunlight, these modified legs are very important to them as a tool for learning about the world.

Another distinctive feature is their pedipalps in the form of a claw. These structures act as prehensile limbs usual mantis shrimp or mantis. Phryne use them to catch their prey, which they then crushed their mouthparts tentacles, so-called chelicerae.

Currently Systematics allocate 5 families, 17 genera and 136 species of Phryne, who live all over the world in tropical and subtropical countries. About them a lot of rumors and tales written many European and American writers. The reason for this was highly unusual and their complete absence in temperate countries.


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