Brittles. Than harmful and useful

It is a natural product consisting of healthy foods. Most manufacturers do not use them for the manufacture of artificial food additives. Nuts and seeds are rich in vitamins, minerals, natural antioxidants. Sesame seeds – source of calcium, essential for strong bones.

In the manufacture of this sweet dish, the chefs are based on a traditional Georgian recipe. Instead of honey, many people use sugar, the fillers can be different, here everything depends on your imagination. Few people think about the issue o what is useful for the stomach. Because this product contains a large amount of sugar, o the dangers which constantly remind us commercials. Proponents of a healthy lifestyle are often excluded from the diet sweet. Almonds have a high calorie content, so trying to stick to the diet, from consumption refuse, many women.

The use of almonds is to their constituents. Walnuts consist of approximately 60 – 70% from fats, but extremely useful unsaturated, which almost absolutely does not contain cholesterol. Daily eating a few walnuts ensures the normal state of health, the necessary amount of vitamins for the whole day. Walnut contains important for normal human life iodine, which is why the inclusion of such Goodies as peanut brittle, in your daily diet is extremely helpful for people suffering from thyroid disease.

However, the brittle damage is not a myth. Being fond of overly sweet, you expose your body of the risk of developing many diseases. Sets the caloric which is 400-600 kcal per 100 gram, may be a threat to a beautiful figure.

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