Blancmange curd.

Ingredients (for 8 small molds):
 - 350 grams of cottage cheese
 - 100 ml milk
 - 100 g sour cream
 - 100 g sugar
 - 15 g of gelatin
 - Canned fruit (pineapple)
1. We start with the fact that we wipe cheese through a sieve or tolchёm in the mortar. Then carefully mix it with sugar-sand and sour cream.

2. Now soaked gelatin in 50 ml of warm milk and leave to swell. Usually it takes about 15-20 minutes. Take the remaining milk (50 ml), heat it, but do not boil and then pour in a thin stream swollen with milk gelatin mix.

3. Now take the canned pineapple and finely cut them if necessary. Mix cottage cheese with fruit and gelatin, poured into small cups and put in the refrigerator for about 3-4 hours.


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