How to choose the best butter?

Butter is a concentrated milk fat which is made from cream subjected to knocking. The fat content of butter is not less than 82.5 per cent.

The taste, aroma, nutritional value butter is one of the most best and valuable edible fat. This product has a high caloric value, digestibility (up to 98.5%) and vitaminology (vitamins a, C, E).Butter due to its chemical composition, structure, caloric content, legkoplavkim and nutritional properties is one of the necessary elements of dietary and baby food.

According to the requirements of the standard butter should have the following indicators of purity: purity of taste and smell, no foreign tastes and foreign smells, the density of the texture (in the context of the oil allowed the presence of small water droplets), uniformity of color, color is white or cream. Salted butter is also required uniformity of the Ambassador, and a salt content not exceeding 2%.

Contained in the oil, the cholesterol has both positive and negative effects on the body. On the one hand, cholesterol is involved in the construction of walls of blood vessels, it produces acid, sex and other hormones, due to the lack of which women disappear monthly and impossible conception. On the other hand, when the level of cholesterol in the blood is exceeded, the blood vessels begin to become more active atherosclerotic process. So that elevated cholesterol is desirable to abandon the use of butter.

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